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1.  Tender Moments  Bubba Deliverance 

2.  Local Girls             BWR&B

3.  BE Myself Again    Eric Benet

4.  Run For Cover Sonja Grier 

5.  Dance Tonight       BWR&B

6.  I Got To Know      Summerdaze Band 

7.  Same Kind of Crazy   Jim Quick & Coastline

8.  Olivia                  Glenn Tippett & Coastline Band 

9.  Why You Wanna Do That    Lomax 

10.  Satisfy My Woman   Entertainers 

11.  Marvin Gaye  Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor 

12.  Down & Dirty Love   Lil Redd & The Tams 

13.  Shot of Love     Wallstreet 

14.  Light of My Life   James Hunter Six 

15.  Sugar, Honey , Iced Tea    Charlie Wilson

16.  Melodies and Memories   Too Much Sylvia 

17. I 'm Gonna Love you Darling   Jerry Shooter 

18.  Call My Wife   Lindsay Alexander 

19.  Oh Honey   Jackie Gore and Rhonda McDaniel 

20.  Right Kinda Woman   Andre Lee