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2020 Smokin' 45


House DJ Carolina Shag Club
Carolina Beach NC
910-799-5160 Home
910-520-4117 Cell


1. Checkin’ Up On My Baby Mick Jagger

2. Run For Cover (Remix) Sonja Grier

3. Can’t Stop The Feelin’ Justin Timberlake

4. Why You Wanna Do That Lomax

5. One Night With You Rod Stewart

6. Marvin Gaye Charlie Puth & Meghan Trai-nor

7. Uptown Funk Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars

8. Buzz Me Blues Veronica Martell

9. Satisfy My Woman Entertainers

10. I’ve Got My Mind Made Up Rickstrickland

11. Baddest Cat Alive Morry Sochat

12. Tender Moment Rev. Bubba D’Liverance

13. I Ain’t For It Dion

14. Yo Family Don’t Like Me James Harman

15. Ciao Ciao Baby Kenny Blues Boss Wayne

16. My Fathers House Lisa Mann

17. Call My Wife Linsey Alexander

18. Full Of Fire Boz Scaggs

19. Last Night Phil “Doc” Wilson

20. Gimme A Sign Nigel Hall