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2020 Smokin' 45


Well another SOS is in the books and as usual, after a big event like SOS, there are plenty of changes to The Smokin' 45. There were not as many new entries this month, but the songs that broke out at DJ Throwdown continued to pick up momentum at SOS and several of them are rocketing up the chart.


All hail to the Queen!! We already knew that Ms. Jody was the queen of Southern Soul, but is she now the Queen of Beach Music also? After hitting the top of the Southern Soul charts with Bop, Ms. Jody ascends to the top of The Smokin' 45 with the same tune. This song has had a steady climb up the chart and after receiving major play during SOS, takes over the # 1 spot in somewhat of a shocker to me. It is not due to the fact that this is not a great song, it is one of my personal favorites; I just didn't think it would make it to the top of the chart before some of the other songs it was competing with. There are a number of great songs in the Top 10, and I thought a couple of others may make it to the top first, but I was wrong! If you want to find out why this is the # 1 song in Beach Music, give it a spin and watch the dance floor fill up and the telephone lines light up at the radio station! Oh by the way, Ms. Jody has another song, I'm Staying With My Man that is at # 5 on the Southern Soul charts! A song at # 1 in Beach Music, and a song at # 5 in Southern Soul; now that's getting it done!!


 Let's Walk from Austin De Lone could still make a run to the top of the chart as it was one of the most played songs at SOS and moves into the # 2 position this month. I Can't Think from Band Of Oz was also one of the most played songs at SOS, and it continues to maintain its spot in the Top 5 as it moves up one position to # 4. Folks, if you were at The Spanish Galleon on the last Friday of SOS, you witnessed in my opinion, one of the most amazing shows ever put on inside that building! The Soul Dog and I were there and we were absolutely blown away! The place was packed and the band fed off the momentum of the huge crowd to lay down two of the most blistering sets of music I have ever witnessed. Not only did the band play their deep repertoire of Beach Music, but some of the loudest responses from the crowd came when the band ventured out of the Beach Music genre with songs such as Don't Stop Believing from Journey (an amazing vocal performance from Jerry West), and Dynamite from Taio Cruz. The band was definitely on top of their game, and if The Band Of Oz comes anywhere close to your home town, don't miss it!! You will witness a band that is as tight as ever, and puts on a high energy show that will leave you amazed!


Lulu's Chicken Shack from Ron Moody moves up eight more spots this month from # 14 to land inside the Top 10 at # 6! This song was voted as the # 1 Break Out Song from DJ Throwdown and it was also a huge hit at SOS as it filled the floor every time it was played. The title track from Ron's recent release is a sure fire floor filler and I expect it to continue to move up the chart.

Can it make a push to the top? We shall see!


Jim Quick's Rewind was also heavily played at SOS and it is evident as it moves up two spots this month from # 9 to # 7. Any movement inside the Top 10 is significant, and this is a song that I still believe can make a run to the top of the charts! If you do not have your copy of Jim Quick's new CD Down South, you need to do yourself a favor and run to your favorite record store or check out Jim's new website at


Who's Rockin' You by Donnie Ray broke out big during DJ Throwdown and gained even more momentum during SOS! Who's Rockin' You makes another big move this month moving up another eleven spots to land inside the Top 10 at # 9! That's two TRUE Southern Soul songs in the Top 10! To find out more about this exciting genre, check out Neal "Soul Dog" Furr's Southern Soul Corner for all of the latest happenings in the real world of Southern Soul! There are a lot of great songs in this genre that work well in the Beach and Shag world!


Rhonda McDaniel's latest release Lighten Up makes another big move up the chart this month moving up eight more positions to land inside the Top 10 at # 10! In last month's edition of Chart Chatter, I predicted this song would break out big at SOS and make a move towards the Top 10. Well, that is exactly what happened! I think this is one of Rhonda's best yet, and I look for it to continue to climb the chart over the next few months.


Cee Lo Green's Forget You makes a huge move up the chart this month as it moves up an astonishing twenty three spots from # 40 to land inside the Top 20 at # 17!! This very well may have been the HOTTEST tune from SOS! It seems as if I heard this song in every club I visited during SOS. I still have a hard time classifying this song as Beach Music but apparently the dancers love it as this song is filling up dance floors across the Southeast! I look for this tune to be one of the hottest tunes of the summer and to definitely break into the Top 10! We'll see if I am right!


Bright from Peter White was heavily played at SOS for those dancers who like their music on the smooth side! The song moves up eleven spots this month to move inside the Top 20 at # 19! Bright had been threatening to make The Smokin' 45 for a couple of months and once it finally broke through last month it has made a rapid ascent up the chart. It's hard to predict how high on the chart an instrumental like this will go, but this song did hit # 1 on the Cashbox Beach Music Top 40, so if the song continues to move up the chart it will not be a big surprise. 


The Fantastic Shakers version of I Still Do moves up one spot this month to move inside the Top 20 at # 20! From the KHP Music Lil House Big Party compilation, Bo Schronce really delivers the goods on this tune and I expect it will continue to move up the chart in the coming months.


 Justify from The Out Of Towners which debuted last month at # 27 moves up three more spots this month to land inside the Top 25 at # 24! From the Patman and Robin Records compilation Something 'Bout The Music, Justify is by far the Out Of Towners best release to date. The band's heavy play schedule during SOS seemed to give this song a lot of momentum and I do not think this song has peaked yet! Look for Justify to continue to move toward the Top 20 or beyond in the coming months!


Hip Pocket's scorching performance at Deckerz during SOS made a definite impact on their new release It's Gonna Take A Long Time as it moves up twelve spots to land inside the Top 25 at # 25! From their Ocean Drive-By CD released at DJ Throwdown, this song smokes from beginning to end! Look for this song to march up the chart in the coming months and if you get a chance to see this young band live, don't miss it! These guys are the future of Beach Music and they put on an energetic live show that you do not want to miss!


Kid Rock's smokin' Rock Bottom Blues was one of the HOTTEST tunes at SOS!! From his Born Free CD released in the latter part of 2010, this tune is a stone cold groove that will fill a dance floor in an instant! This is another tune that I predicted would be huge at SOS and it makes a giant move up the chart this month as it moves up sixteen spots from # 43 to # 27! I think Rock Bottom Blues will be one of the HOTTEST tunes of the Summer and will continue to move rapidly up the chart. This is one song that I can't get enough of!


Another Southen Soul tune is rapidly moving up the chart! Lil House Big Party from The Soul Children moves up eleven positions from # 44 to # 33! This was another song that was hot at SOS and I expect it will continue to move right on up the chart in the coming months to add to the growing number of Southern Soul hits on The Smokin' 45!!


One of my current personal favorites is I Fell Apart from Drizabone Soul Family and it continues to move up the chart this month as it moves up six positions to # 36! This song is one serious groove that broke out at DJ Throwdown and continued to gain momentum during SOS. Drizabone Soul Family contains Billy Freeman, an original member of the group Driza Bone which gave us the Beach Music hits Real Love and Pressure, both which still fill dance floors across the Southeast! Look for I Fell Apart to continue to move up the chart in the coming months!


The Holiday Band's latest She Sure Got A Way With My Heart is following the path of all of Holiday's recent releases; moving up the chart!! From their CD Sweet Love, which is the group's first release on the Green Dot Disc label, She Sure Got A Way With My Heart moves up seven positions this month from # 45 to # 38! Look for this tune to continue to move up the chart and expect a couple more tunes from the CD Sweet Love to begin making noise on the chart soon!


Three new entries debut on The Smokin' 45 this month:


Put Me Down Easy from Catherine Russell debuts on the chart this month at # 42. From her Cat CD, this tune is a favorite among the smooth steppers and it recently made it to # 1 on the Cashbox Beach Music Top 40. It has taken it awhile to break through on The Smokin' 45, but look for this tune to make a big move up the chart next month as it was heavily played at SOS.


There have been numerous songs reported by the Beachmusic45 reporting DJ's from Huey Lewis and The News Soulsville CD, but it now appears that Don't Fight It is the song of choice as it debuts this month at # 44. Soulsville is an outstanding collection of soul classics covered by Huey Lewis and his version of Don't Fight It is definitely Smokin'!! Look for this tune to move up the chart in the coming months!


Matt Hill's Time Is Up has been threatening to crack The Smokin' 45 for several months now, and after receiving heavy play at SOS, it finally breaks through this month; debuting at # 45. This is an up tempo bluesy number that will sure bring the dancers to the floor. Give it a spin if you haven't already. You'll be glad you did!


Well that's it for this month! See ya at the beach!