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2020 Smokin' 45


1. Mist of Desire

Jeff Cook & AGB

2. That’s My Story

Chairmen of the Board

3. Doot Dootsie Wah

Little Isidore

4. Shoo Da Wop – Dr David w/ Sir Charles

Jeff Cook & AGB

5. I Ain't Never

Little Richard

6. 1955

Morry Sochet and the Special 20's

7. Mama’s Drinkin Liquor

King Tyrone & The Graveyard Ramblers

8. Check to Check

Omar Cunningham

9. Bet You’ll Never Be Sorry

Craig Woolard Band

10. I Don’t Want Nobody

Ike Turner

11. Fool For You

Paul Craver

12. It’s Alright (You’re Just In Love)

Gary Bass

13. See You Later

Vicki Skinner

14. Unbreak My Heart

Tommy Black

15. You Can’t Win

James Hunter

16. Hey Mr. DJ

Lonnie Givens

17. An Older Woman

Zac Harmon

18. In This Mess

Snooky Pryor

19. Do The Do

Brother Goose