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What Happened:  Well, for the what two thousandth and some odd years, once again Santa made it through with all the good things that the season brings. December is a time for holiday parties and a lot of solid bookings for Beach music bands. The recording studios are given a small respite but not for long – as new ideas and new songs are in the back of the minds of the individuals that write, produce and record them.


The end of the year marks many things but one that is always a grim reminder for me is the fact that it is property tax deadline time. The tax collectors take a vary narrow view of my suggestion that I write them an IOU or that I pay $10 a week until my debt is retired!!!


While we make our New Years resolutions as true fans, be sure to add at the top of the list getting out and supporting the bands, clubs, festivals etc. in this industry. It is vital to the survival of the music that we know and love!!



It certainly was heartwarming to see the Holiday Band win Group Album of the Year at the 2011 Carolina Beach Music Awards for Sweet Love. The band celebrated its 20th year in the business this past year, representing two full decades of ongoing success in Beach music. Only Mike Neese remains from the original 1991 group, but Mike Taylor came on board the very next year. Together, the Mikes have provided the bulk of the outstanding vocals that the band has consistently produced on an ongoing basis. While name recognition in the industry took a few years, Holiday hit its stride in the late '90's with the Shotgun Boogie album and has never looked back. The band has been recognized at the CBMAs by winning Group of the Year and Group Album of the Year multiple times. Their music is certainly always a favorite among club and radio deejays. Holiday has had more singles hit the Smokin' Top 45 Chart in the last 7 years than any other solo artist or group in Beach music. Congratulations and much continued success to a group that works as hard as anyone in the  business!!


What's New and Happening: There is a brand new Internet radio show playing some unique and interesting music on Tuesday afternoons from 2 to 4 PM EST. Jim Quick's The Crossover on the Zeus Radio Network via is a live venue that features new music discoveries as well as older classics in many different genres including the Soul, R&B and Blues arena. It is all about broadening the listening experience for our regional music lovers by bringing in songs from different locales across the country as well as abroad. The format is an interactive show with an online chat room available during the broadcast. The plans are to also create a syndicated broadcast to be distributed in 2012 from the music that is being used on The Crossover.




It is somewhat unusual that songs released several years ago from the late Johnnie Taylor and Chick Willis made the Smokin' Top 45 this past month. Taylor's A Love To Call Mine was originally included in his 1984 album entitled This Is Your Night. It was Johnnie's first album release of many more to come on Jackson, Mississippi's Malaco label. The tune  was reincarnated this past year by it's inclusion on Shanty Records Deep Fried Southern Soul compilation. Willis' Keep Singing The Blues was written by Johnny Rawls and was on Chick's 2002 I Won't Give Up album. The song has received heavy club DJ play over the last several months. It was also included on KHP's recent Boppin' And Rockin' compilation. Digging up old R&B/Soul from the past certainly does not, in my opinion, hurt the industry but tells us that we missed a few the first time around along the way!


Although it is a somewhat slow time for new music in the Beach arena, there are a few recently issued singles that are getting club and airplay: Atlantic Groove -  I'm Crazy 'Bout The Woman In Red, Tams with Sherry Norris – Endless Love,  Johnny Cobb – Soul Provider,  Embers – Little Mama, Lakeside Drive Band with Gene Pharr – I'm Still In Love With You, Fabulous Shades – Summertime, Chairmen of the Board – You.


From the national scene, hot new tunes on the beach: L.J Reynolds -  Come Get To This  Daryl Hall – Eyes For You, Mayer Hawthorne – The Walk (Clean version), Wallstreet – Old School Music, Billy Currington – Love Done Gone.




Have you heard of a group called Electric Empire? I recently stumbled across their debut album by the same name while searching websites for new music. The first song on the album, Baby Your Lovin' was an absolute killer – had '70's Al Green all over it. Turns out they are a fairly new retro-soul band from Australia who really digs the works of Curtis Mayfield, Al Green and Stevie Wonder while also being heavily influenced by The Beatles. There are several cuts as such on the album, including Everything I Am, Have You Around and I Just Wanna Give It. Check it out if you get a chance!      


 Artists, DJ’s, Club owners etc. send me your latest news for potential inclusion in Beach Buzz at