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2020 Smokin' 45

First Coast Shag Club   Jacksonville FL




Top 20

1. I’m In Heaven                                          Roy Hamilton

2. Sexual Religion                                     Rod Stewart

3. Share My love                                     R. Kelly

4. The Best of You                                   Rick Strickland

5. Love Is On Our Side                    Craig Woolard Band

6. Back In The Day Café                             Andre Lee

7. Sweetness Of Your Love                       L.U.S.T.

8. Don’t Rush                                               Kelly Clarkson  

9. Fred’s Dollar Store                                 Super Chikan

10. Amazingly Amazing                             Lesa Hudson  

11. When She Was My Girl                      Four Tops

12. Before the Night Is Through             Gina Sicilia

13. Boardwalk Angel                                 Jerry Shooter

14 Your Man                                                Paul Craver

15. A Love To Call Mine                             Johnnie Taylor

16. Still Strokin’                                           Ms Jody  

17. Wish You Were Here                           JD Cash

18  Take It From The Top                          Albert Rogers

19. Lulu’s Chicken Shack                           Ron Moody

20. Something Fried                                   Summerdaze Band