In The Evening - Van "Piano Man" Walls

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By Staff Writer Mike Hall of The DJ Guys


 Vann “Piano Man” Walls
“In The Evening” Released Jan. 1, 1997 Les Disques Bros. Records
 How many Blues & Boogie artists were actually born in Kentucky? Well I at least know of one. Vann “Piano Man” Walls was born in Middlesboro, Kentucky way back in 1918 but grew up in Charleston, West “By God” Virginia. After years recording on his own and working with some of the greats ( Big Joe Turner, Ruth Brown, The Clovers, to name a few) he was a fixture on the blues festivals circuit. This recording, released just two years before his death in 1999 at the age of 80, highlights his fantastic piano work and shows off his boogie woogie ability to the max. Just take a listen to “Drinking Wine”,  “Unlock These Chains”, and his great rendition of “Honky Tonk” , a version even I will play because of it’s great sound and boppin’ quality.  He slows it down a bit on “The Blonde Next Door”, but it still simmers with a funky slow blues beat that will entice our dancers (east & west). Check this out to hear a legacy that has been forgotten. You won’ be disappointed.

Rating: A