Burton Gaar - Fried Grits and Greens

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2020 Smokin' 45

By Staff Writer Mike Hall of The DJ Guys


Spiced with some smoky Cajun soul and some great pop blues rifts, Burton’s new cd is one to watch. Everyone will find a song they like, but, for our dancers, you won’t do any better than “Sugarfied”. With just the right Bop touch, he’s hit this one out of the park. Great shuffle beat that pulls you to the floor and great guitar work, you’ll be playing this one for a long time. The other winner is “Hold It Against You”. This track is straight Beach Bop with a beat the Shaggers will love. Both songs were hits at DJ Throwdown and filled the floor. This will be released shortly for public sale. Keep an ear out and you will not be disappointed. A+ (Pop Blues content with a variety of styles)