Southern Soul Corner February 2011

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Southern Soul Corner

       With The Soul Dog 



Corner Talk: We’re back! Let’s get right down to business. The Southern Soul arena has not slowed down at all, the artists continue to churn out new singles and albums. Current hot charting songs include:


 Kenne Wayne – Ride It Like A Cowboy, Lee Shot Williams – It Don’t Take All Night, Carl Marshall – I Lived It All, Cicero Blake – I Can’t Go On Mrs. Jones, Charles Blakely – I Didn’t Wanna Wake Up, Bigg Robb – The Crying Zone,  Simeo – One Thing, Sir Jonathan Burton -  Too Much Booty Shakin’  is Hot, Hot, Hot!)……………….

Smokin’ and I MEAN smokin’ is Stephanie Pickett’s Only Time I Get Lonely………  


 New albums of note: Kenne Wayne – The MVP ( G Street),  Willie Clayton – The Voice (EndZone Entertainment), Carl Sims – Hell On My Hands (CDS), Sir Jonathan Burton – In The Zone: Southern Soul Style Volume 1 (CDS),  Donnie Ray –  Who’s Rockin’ You?  (Ecko), O.B. Buchana – That Thang Thang (Ecko)………



Back with another new album is one of Ohio’s finest – his name is Bigg Robb.  Soul Prescription, released this past December on Robb’s own Over25Sounds label contains 18 new tracks with a little something for everybody. The big man’s music mix and production masterminding over the last several years has become a unique force in the Southern Soul market. Already hot on the charts from the album in the aforementioned The Crying Zone. Beginning to see action as well is Can I Get To Know U Girl (remix) and If I Get Drunk Tonight (remix).  Grooves that are right up Soul Dog’s alley include Juke For Me, Country Twang and Fish In Some Grease (now that’s what I’m talking ‘bout!!!)………



One tune that has been on everybody’s Soul/Blues/Beach charts for the past few months comes from Ecko Records recording artist Ms. Jody. The Bop from her Ms. Jody’s In The Streets Again album has that old school rhythm and groove that crosses several genres of music. She is a relative newcomer to the business, joining Ecko in 2006 after a successful audition with the staff. Five very strong Ms. Jody albums have been released on the label to date, which has led to quick recognition among her peers as a rising star. Ms. Jody has charted several times over the last four years with hit singles  I Never Take A Day Off, Your Dog’s About To Kill My Cat, One Way Love, Energizer Bunny, Ms. Jody’s Thang, Cheatin’ Come With A Price, It’s The Weekend  and Ms. Jody’s Back. Her forthcoming sixth Ecko release, Ms. Jody’s Keepin’ It Real, is due out in February……………..


At the ripe young age of 54, Mel Waiters continues to be in ‘da man’ category when it comes to Southern Soul. He was recently voted the Blues Critic Southern Soul Artist of the Year for 2010. His release of I Ain’t Gonna Do It was also voted the best Southern Soul/Blues album for last year as well. And no wonder, with both the title track and Everything’s Going Up  reaching  #1 on all the charts. Meet Me Tonight  from the same album was at #3 on The Boogie Report’s Top 20 Countdown this past month.  It is well deserved recognition for an artist who began his singing career at the age of 18 and has long ago paid his dues. Mel has been pumping out hit after hit on Malaco’s Waldoxy subsidiary for the last 14 years. He recently has decided to branch out somewhat and will soon be releasing a Gospel album on the Texas based Brittney Records label….(BTW, did you get a copy of Mel’s Hole In The Wall Christmas  single? It is worth checking out)…………..



Vick Allen’s April 2009 album release of Truth Be Told  has certainly demonstrated staying power in terms of ongoing hit tunes. The first big hitter was Fobidden Love Affair, a mid tempo melodic ballad that is subtitled The Preacher Song (I’m leaving that one alone!). The follow-up tune that zoomed up the charts was I’m Hooked, an upbeat dance stepper that is a club fave. The current monster track from the album is If You Can Beat Me Rockin’, which is now at #1 on Soul and Blues Report’s Top 25 Countdown. The most recent song from the release starting to pick up major airplay is I Need Some Attention, another upbeat groove from start to finish……….


Early last fall while snooping around looking for new and exciting music (as I am prone to do quite often), I came across an album called Reality Slowly Walks Us Down by an artist simply known as ‘LGB’. Particularly fond of this smokin’ soul sender making up the album title track, I wanted to find out more about the artist behind the music. It turns out that ‘LGB’ is a nice lady currently residing in Warner Robins, Georgia but a native of Allendale, South Carolina. She has been singing pretty much all her life, including a backup stint with David Brinston, but did not take the plunge into going solo until 2007, releasing an album entitled Country All Over Me . ‘LGB’ rolls in strong flavors of R&B, Soul, Beach, Blues and Gospel into her musical output. Reality Slowly Walks Us Down is in fact so powerful that it made our Top 45 list for 2010 (see below). To prove I am not all wet, the track was also on Southern Soul expert Daddy B. Nice’s website as one of his Top Ten ‘Out of Left Field’ songs for 2010. It hit him as a killer groove as well!!!.................



Not to be confused with long time Southern Soul mainstay Charles Wilson, another relative newcomer to this market is Charlie Wilson. Such a small world, isn’t it?? Charlie, however, is certainly no newcomer to the music business in general, having been an original member as well as lead singer of The Gap Band for many years.  His December 2010 album release of Just Charlie intersects Soul, Pop and R&B with music for us ‘grown folks’. It just hit the #4 spot on the January Soul/Blues Album charts. One of my favorite tunes in recent years was Charlie’s There Goes My Baby from his 2008 Uncle Charlie album. I was driving down a busy road when I first heard it come on the radio – had to pull over and give a proper listen it was so good!!..................



Speaking of Charles Wilson, the 45+ year veteran singer is coming off his third successful album on the California based CDS label. That Girl Belongs To Me produced hits with the title track (duet with Willie Clayton), Party Tonight  and Something Different About You (featuring Mel Waiters). Charles joined CDS in 2007 after many years of recording on Ecko Records as well as his own Wilson Records label. The Chicago native is the nephew of the late great Little Milton, cutting his musical teeth in the ‘60’s while working with Bobby Rush., Z.Z. Hill, Tyrone Davis, Otis Clay and Bobby Bland……This just in, Wilson has signed a deal with Brittney Records, more to come!!!..........



Coming Next Month: The Betty/Bettye bio series resumes as well as discussion/information on some of the not as well known hard working artists in Southern Soul………



Beachmusic45’s Smokin’ Top 45 Southern Soul Songs for 2010



1.     The Bop – Ms. Jody

2.     It’s BYOB – Donnie Ray

3.     If They Can Beat Me Rockin’ – Vick Allen

4.     I Ain’t Gone Do It – Mel Waiters

5.     Love Under Arrest – L’il Fallay

6.     You’ve Been Good To Me – O.B. Buchana

7.     Rumble In The Bedroom –  James Smith

8.     I’m ‘Bout It ‘Bout It – Floyd Taylor

9.     Family Reunion – Bigg Robb

10. That Girl Belongs to Me – Charles Wilson/Willie Clayton

11. Southern Soul Party Mood – Karen Wolfe

12. Should Have Called – Lee Roy

13. L’il House, Big Party – Soul Children with J. Blackfoot

14. Shake Your Moneymaker – Willie Clayton

15. I’m Hooked – Vick Allen

16. Run’n – Stephanie Pickett

17. Am I Mr. Right – William Bell

18. Maintenance Man – Uvee Hayes

19. Cheat Receipt -  Denise LaSalle

20. Throw That Thang – Steve Perry

21. Cheatin’ On Da Backstreet – Adrena

22. Wiggle When She Walk – Will Easley

23. Reality Slowly Walks Us Down – LGB

24. U Won’t Miss Yo Water – Falisa JaNaye

25. The Right Woman – Omar Cunningham

26. Everything’s Going Up – Mel Waiters

27. You’re So Amazing – Calvin Richardson

28. Sorry, I Didn’t Know – Lenny Williams

29. I’m All Good With My Baby – James Morgan

30. Get It Down – Pat Cooley

31. 753 LOVE – Lee Shot Williams

32. Dance The Night Away - Diedra

33. Do You Feel It – Sir Charles Jones 

34. 14-16 -  L. J. Echols

35. Nothing’s Impossible – Solomon Burke

36. Some Kind Of Wonderful – Willie Clayton

37. Do What He Didn’t Do – Nellie ‘Tiger’ Travis

38. If She’s Cheatin’ On Me – Luther Lackey

39. I Had Enough – Cherri Amour

40. You’ve Been Good To Me – Earl Gaines

41. Take It Back – Archie Love

42. Turn It Up – Earl Duke

43. Second Shift – Charlie Brown

44. Change It Up – Walter Waiters

45. Wobble Wiggle – BB Queen