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OK, I'm Back Once Again!  Apologies all around to the artists that send me their music and all others as well, I am trying to get you covered!  Elbow surgery in July has slowly begun to heal my left arm and hand function.   I continue to experience problems typing for any length of time. Catching up on Southern Soul, however, was gnawing away at me so I had to give it a shot! Last time we were here (in May, unfortunately it has been that long), we talked about albums that we needed to catch up on, let's take a look at some of those and others as well:


David Brinston - Sidepiece Motel

The monster smash single Hit And Run on the Jomar label in 1996 got the train rolling for Mississippi's David Brinston in both the Southern Soul and Beach music markets. Albums on the R&B, Susie Q, Waldoxy, Ecko and Delta Down labels have provided a steady diet of Brinston Southern Soul music over the last 20 plus years. He has been such a model of consistency with his vocal delivery that I do believe he often is overlooked when it comes to the pundits declaring who is getting it done. The hits bear this out - Too Many Women, After Party, I Just Love Women, Two Way Love Affair, Bus Stop, You're So Freak Girl, Something I Want (with Ms. Jody), Crazy 'Bout You Baby, Hard Working Woman and Here I Go Again are just a few of the many over time.   

 David comes back home to John Ward's Memphis based Ecko Records on this latest outing, which is yielding several notable tracks.  The Ward composed Southern Soul Party, Dance With Me, co-written by Brinston, and I Drinks My Whiskey have been the tunes to chart so far. The title track as well as She's A Freak, also co-written by David, has his vintage sound as a straight ahead dance groove. You Got To Make A Change - Smoky barroom Blues all the way!  He continues to deliver year after year - David's distinctive throaty vocals that have been his trademark are as good as ever as he keeps on keeping on!




Nellie 'Tiger' Travis - Mr. Sexy Man: The Album

A resident of Chicago for the past 25 years, Nellie 'Tiger' Travis has become quite proficient in combining the Blues sounds of the Windy City with her own brand of down home Soul. Her first album in the Southern Soul genre was I Got It Like That, released in 2000. I had her single Oil & Water in my music library from this initial release but must admit I did not really take notice of Nellie's talents until I heard tracks such as Good Lovin' Daddy, If I Back It Up and What You Won't Do on her 2005 Wanna Be With You album. Nellie worked off independent labels until CDS signed her in 2007 – she quickly released the highly acclaimed I'm A Woman album followed by I'm In Love With A Man I Can't Stand in 2009. The hits have flowed like water since - M.O.D., Queen Of The Blues (Koko Taylor tribute), Do What He Didn't Do, I'm With You Baby, I'm Going Out Tonight, Another Woman's Man (with Adrena), Mr. Sexy Man, Tornado Wrapped In Fire, and more.

                                                                                                                                   The title track of her latest album on the Wegonsee Records label was a previously released strong hit as was the award winning All The Lover's In The House. which we had here on our May 2017 chart. New tracks that are standing up and giving notice are the lively groove of Textual Harassment, the soulful overtures of Spacey Love and the slow and way down low vibes of Walking In The Rain In Memphis. For a straight ahead radio groove to use, I am partial to Keep On Movin. Voted as the Best Artist in the genre in 2016, the wheels keep on turning and the success keeps on churning for the Tiger Lady, certainly one of the best in the business!!  





Big G - Darkest Hour

 Richmond, Virginia's finest continues to roll out the albums on his own Stone River label, as he has since 1999, when he debuted with Steppin' Out. The combination radio DJ/recording artist has had so many releases since then that I have truly lost count, but one thing we can always count on is quality material from the big man. He has crossed over into Beach music territory several times as well with cuts such as Hot Loving, Being With You, Thank You Girl, Love On The Beach and Walk Away.  Last year's Satisfaction Guaranteed album release yielded charting hits on Work That Thang, I Found You and Just Say The Word (Remix).

 The title track as well as Wanna Go Dancing have kicked up some major dust so far from this latest effort. Shake That Thang was an advance track charter here at the Corner last December - and you know I gotta love Backyard Barbeque! A great message is embedded in the song as well! Down On My Knees and Ladies Man? - classic Big G! My favorite track on the drop may well be Can You Hear Me - a good statement that the wife makes almost daily!!  The G Man style crafts primarily original compositions into warbling tunes that resonate with his tenor to baritone ranging voice. It has proven to be a formula for ongoing success in the Southern Soul arena!




Ms.  Jody - Thunder Under Yonder

Come on Jody, let's do the Southern Soul Dip! I have been fortunate to see this bright young star from Mississippi a few times in person, she puts on a heck of a show AND is one delightful human being! That nervous audition she had at Ecko Records in Memphis back in 2006 has really paid off! This is her 13th release on the label, which also includes a Best Of CD. She has had a multitude of hits in both Southern Soul and Beach music, travelling extensively to gigs all over the country. The tunes that say it all by hitting #1 on the Beach side - The Bop, Still Strokin' and The Rock! What was the first Ms. Jody song to chart here at the Corner?  It's The Weekend, from her 2008 I Never Take A Day Off release in 2008! 

Now to this latest release, the self-penned I Had To Lie is a made to order Ms. Jody groove. I'm So Confused is getting some burn and the title track is already charting - no surprise there! Also chart worthy with her signature sound are Another Other Woman, You're Lettin' A Good Man's Love Go To Waste, Stir It Up, Party and Power Stroke. What we have come to expect from Jody's releases is that over half of the tunes included will make radio and/or club charts. It is also worth noting that tunes from her 2016 I Got The Feeling album are still charting as well. I call her Ms. Dynamite - she is just a bonafide hitmaker and perhaps the brightest star right now across multiple genres!



Ricky White - Grown & Sexy

Growing up in a musical family, Mississippi native Ricky got his solo start back in 2006 with the release of the album Mr. Juke Joint on the Brimstone label. Two additional albums on Brimstone followed prior to his arrival at CDS Records in 2013. He has since become a mainstay at Dylann DeAnna's label, being the principal artist on several 'Combination' CD releases with various artists as well as his solo efforts. He has become an established star as a very capable songwriter, arranger and producer, which has been demonstrated many times in recent years. Ricky was voted the Best Producer (2013 and 2014) and Artist of the Year for 2013 by Blues Critic. Charting hits here at the Corner have included I'll Always Love You, Sexy, Baby You're Ready and Angel.  

I have to admit I have sometimes been lukewarm to a selection of his tunes, but I jumped right on She Got It Like That from this latest release. The title track emulates Ricky's signature style - smooth, silky vocals with supporting upbeat instrumentals. Baby You're Ready, which was actually on the Combination 3 release as well, hit the charts late last year. Stay Out Of My Business - uh huh, that's what she said! Bounce jumps off as a good track to be a dance floor filler! Ricky has become a master at folding in a contemporary sound while maintaining a groove that is still relevant in Southern Soul. Ricky's stock continues to rise in the genre with every new release!




Uvee Hayes - Nobody But You

St.  Louis native Uvee Hayes has been practicing her craft as an accomplished vocalist for 30 plus years. She has crossed genre boundaries many times with multiple albums since 1984, when she began recording on the independent Mission Park label.  My first recognition of Uvee in the Southern Soul arena was from her Play Something Pretty album, released on the CDS label in 2009. The title track, a moving duet with the legendary Otis Clay, is without a doubt one of the smoothest songs I have ever heard. That signature album was quickly followed up by Southern Soul Blues Sisters, with songs from Uvee as well as fellow St. Louis vocalist Barbara Carr, and featuring Blues soulman Roy Roberts. Other notable charters in the genre over the years include Steal Away To The Hideaway (also a duet with Otis Clay), A Woman's Gotta Do, In The Mood, Handy Man, You Make Me Happy, There'll Come A Time, Maintenance Man and Party Party Party.


I have characterized Uvee's music in the past as not so much Southern Soul as it is what I would call 'timeless' Soul. It represents a fusion of Jazz, Blues and Soul in a finite collection of expressions.  Her latest release is an EP of sorts - 7 tracks of slow to mid-tempo tunes of exactly her style. Real vocals throughout, we were already charting the soulful leadoff tune, Your Love's Got A Hold On Me. The album title track has also made several of the recent charts. I mixed a late night drink on a recent evening and listened to the calming moods of I Wanna Hear Some Blues and That's How You Make Me Feel. Uvee does not hide behind overdone rhythm tracks - her singing is front and center in all of her songs. Great stuff from a certified diva in the Southern Soul arena!



Tre Williams - Chocolate Soul

The silky voice of Tre Williams first came to light in this genre as the lead vocalist for a group called The Revelations. Originating in Brooklyn, the group initially released Deep Soul EP in 2008, which was just a teaser of things to come. Their first full length album, The Bleeding Edge in 2009, was a resounding hard hitting package of a blended mix of current rhythms with some traditional Soul phrasings and throwbacks. I Don't Want To Know, Everybody Knows, Sorry's Not Enough, Because Of You and Stay Free are hit tracks that are good cross section representatives of the entire amazing album. Their follow-up release, Concrete Blues, was recorded in Memphis in 2011 at the late Willie Mitchell's studio. It was equally as impressive, as any album would be with Tre in the lead spot. Until I Get Enough Of You, I Gotta Have It (with Vick Allen) and One Reason To Stay were among the noisemakers from the release.

Tre was voted as the Best Male Vocal Performance by Blues Critic in 2012.  He and The Revelations parted ways soon after - his latest album has several of the single song releases on it that he dropped since that point in time. BYOB Party, Put Your Cups Up and Ghetto Man have all received previous airplay. I'll Be Around is a strong pleading vocal asking for female forgiveness!! Caught In The Middle, you know that familiar story! 3 Rounds is getting some current attention as well. With the success to date and current momentum, things are looking very good for Tre Williams in the world of Southern Soul!



Calvin Richardson - All Or Nothing


Monroe, North Carolina native Calvin Richardson has been known to go back to his youthful influences in his music - a fine example was the 2009 release of the tribute album  entitled Facts of Life: The Soul of Bobby Womack. Sam Cooke, Otis Redding and Donnie Hathaway were also among Calvin's favorites while growing up. Although Richardson has popped up many times over the last several years in the Southern Soul arena (touring in the genre as well), his primary recording focus (at least originally) has been more in the urban contemporary neo-Soul vein with a touch of Gospel. He actually met longtime friends K-Ci and Jo Jo (who were Charlotte, NC natives) when they were all teenagers touring on the Carolina Gospel circuit.  Calvin, however, has always kept the remembrances of listening to classic R&B/Soul of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s in mind. His 2014 single Dark Side Of Love from the I Am Calvin CD is still getting DJ play and is on several charts.


 Treat Her Right is the advance track from Calvin's latest album that is getting early chart attention - it is a slow and way down low testimonial that he does so well.  The title track comes on strong, upbeat vocals, would be a great show opener at a live venue. Breaking Down Inside, OMG, this one could have been released in the '60's, it has that old school Soul feel. Holding On/Can't Let Go is a great late night radio groove. There are several tracks that say contemporary - Make Up Love, Break It Down and I Love The Way. I really like the smooth caramel coated vocals on The Only One. It is a good album to put on the player just to sit back and listen to the blended harmonies - a strong outing for another one of the top young guns of the genre.



LGB - Our Love Slipped Away

Allendale, SC native LGB is back with her 3rd album since jumping into the Southern Soul mix with determination back in 2010. In and around music most of her life, her mentors have included legends Roy C and the late Benny Gordon. Having known this kind and humble lady for several years, I see her inspiration and positive attitude to be driven by her belief in faith, family and tradition. LGB's sultry raspy voice churns out a sound that we could classify as Country Soul. She stays within her comfort range when recording to produce a raw blend of inflections and harmonies. LGB has had several bonafide hits and charters along the way, most notably  Reality Slowly Walks Us Down, I'll Always Love You But I Won't Always Be Your Fool, Jealous Wo-Man Yes I Am, I Am Who I Am (Jody's Baby Girl), Country Woman and Don't Miss Your Water (with longtime Blues crooner Drink Small). 

The latest album will be available online shortly - my understanding is that this review is the official kickoff of the release and we are honored to do so. LGB has another legend in her corner, often appearing on shows with bluesman Johnny Rawls, who is included here on the mellow Our Love Slipped Away title track. Tore Up From The Floor Up is the title of a great Blues tune written and performed by Zora Young - LGB wrote her own lyrics with a very similar rhythm track to produce an outstanding rollicking song with the same title.  We Were Never Meant To Be is a remixed version of one of the songs on her first album. She Ended Loving Him Today and You Driving Me Crazy are soft and sensual cuts. A Woman Needs jumps off with a hard drum downbeat - all of her songs reflect the ups and downs of relationships. My favorite track on the album may be I'm Pulling The Plug, with a western swing that would fit right on Big Country Radio. Daughter Tricia Barnwell, who has recorded in the C&W vein in the past, also contributes her vocals on this project. Nine tracks in all, it is not about a high gloss product but just real vocals and rhythms in simple terms! I love the label name, Rock N' Stereo Records, based in Warner Robins, GA, where LGB now resides. She keeps on coming with yet another labor of love!




Recent Arrivals: The singles keep coming in a flood! Let's take a look at what has been in the mailbox.............Hitmaker Nelson Curry, the Sugaa Shack man,  of North Augusta and Klass Band fame has a new track that is a pick to click in Call Me, with production work by that Jackson, MS groove master,  Big Yayo, who also  just recently dropped Bedroom Rodeo (Remix), featuring Gentry Jones and Omar Cunningham.......Nelson's hometown buddy, Jerone Da Entertainer airmailed one on me lately that I like entitled Block Party, it's in da rotation!..............from further down the road in McCrae, Georgia, Lomax is fast becoming a bonafide superstar,  both in the Beach and the Soul markets. Both Swing It and Why You Wanna Do That went to #1 in Beach over the last 2 plus years - I predict his brand new one, Kiss It Goodbye,  will follow likewise......Out of Texas, she was known as Miss Rebekah a couple years back, with a nice track called Dancing With My Baby. Now it is just Rebekah as she teams up with Lady Audrey on a great rendition of Tryin' To Love Two. She also had a collaboration with the Superior Band entitled Magic earlier this year.............

Soul sensation J-Wonn burst on the scene in 2013 with I Got This Record, which was a monumental debut. Often collaborating with the magic touch of Big Yayo, his popularity continues onward and upward. His latest smokin' hot tune is with fellow young gun Tucka - it is an upbeat smash called Pretty Girl..........When you get a moment, go back to our June 2016 edition of the Corner and read the review on Sharnette Hyter's Grown Folks Talkin' album. She has had several tunes from the release make some noise in recent months AND has a hot single with Greenville, NC producer J Red (another very talented individual) entitled Call Out My Name..............Peggy Scott-Adams is one of the true female pioneers in today's edition of Southern Soul. She has been out of the genre awhile, focusing on Gospel music, but her comeback single, I'm In Love With Myself, signals that she still is a force in a big way......

I don't take covers of tunes very lightly from one of my all time faves, the late great Tyrone Davis. Newbie Andrew Edwards, however, does a creditable version of Can I Change My Mind...........One of Montgomery, Alabama's finest, Jeffrey Singleton just sent me a club mover entitled Dance Dance Dance - really nice groove!!..............She is indeed an all time Southern Soul diva that disappeared on us for quite a while. Little Kim Stewart was back on Sound Mindz Records earlier this year with the single Back To The Hole In The Wall. Just released - I'm Still Waiting, it is awesome!..........Tony Gideon's label  has had a major hitmaker on board for several years named Jesi Terrell. Not sure how much burn her latest is getting, I do like it - I Wanna Do My Thang........Also from Sound Mindz, Mr X, Mark Safford continues to turn out great tracks - he has had a current hit in the Beach arena with Baby Come Back Home..........A couple of my all time favorites have new jams (new to me anyways!!). Mr. David, who has lit us up in the past with Shoo Da Wop, Fatback And Collard Greens and Soul School, has one that jumps off with House Party and a guy I have to keep my eye on (LOL), Sir Jonathan Burton, who has had too many hits to count in the last 25 plus years, is out with his latest, Dance Now Ask Questions Later. And I will be damned, they both even newer joints - David (Stretchmarks And All) and Sir JB (Driving Me To Drink). Like I said, they bear watching!!!  LOL...........  


Our good friend Lee Parker with Brimstone Records down in Birmingham keeps the music coming, both on his own label as well as the artists that he promotes. One of the biggest names in Southern Soul is one of Lee's favorites, that would be Wilson Meadows (one of mine too). His latest single is a mellow mid-tempo cut with Lady Luck.......X-Man Parker from Brimstone received a Best Male Vocalist nomination in 2016 for his single Boo Thang...... Solomon Thompson from the label has had recent success with several celebratory singles, including Time 2 Party, Mardi Gras, Some Football and Happy Birthday. All About You is his most recent that is getting some mentions..................the latest Lee Parker protege is Marvelous Moe Morris, who combines fresh tracks with an ol' school sound on smooth mid tempo joints Tell Me Why You Keep Coming Round Me and Running Kiss.............Jenni Oleson Weber down in Florida does a great job as  the Promotions Director for the aforementioned Lomax, the many tunes of Donnell Sullivan (whose latest hit was Busted) and a relative newcomer, Mo B, who has had a couple of slick jams lately, Here Kitty Kitty and Soulfly...........


We have heard strong tunes from the Wilson, NC connection known as Black Diamond in Southern Soul over the last few years, they too collaborate at times with J Red on tunes. One of their best was If He Don't I Will back in 2014 and another absolute killer is They Want Me To. A couple of the band's latest joints are getting some burn over in the Beach market. Upbeat and rolling is Don't Stop Moving, ditto for Get Right Back To You. Hot on the Southern Soul side is a slower jam called True Love.............Avail Hollywood has a distinctive style that is all his own, making great strides in the genre in recent years. His latest is an ice cream floater (I like that description, LOL) called Kisses Like Candy.........Here's one release I missed big time last year. Walter Waiters, who is the late Mel Waiters' cousin, had some jumpin' jams At It Again and Up All Night on his Ole School Daddy album.......Mississippi's Jureesa 'The Duchess' McBride continues to impress, her latest is a slow groove that rings out a feel of drama on Call Me Crazy. She released a more upbeat track, Single Husband, earlier this year.....Who remembers Girl You So Sexy from 2004 by Patrick 'The PG Man' Green?  It's definitely one to go get if you don't have it! He recently took his 2006 Bit Off More Than I Can Chew single, remixed it and like wow, it will be on my next radio show!! Patrick also has another brand new one, just out last week, entitled Just Because ..........Karen Wolfe continues to roll out great tracks as she has now for the last 10 years. Her latest on Coday Records is That Chick Ain't Me.............

The Vinyl Isn't Yet Dry: A few so new they are still wet!!! Jeff Floyd has been on board with the Atlanta based Wilbe Records (William Bell's label) since 2005 when he hit it big with I Found Love (On A Lonely Highway). His latest just out of the chute is entitled Workaholic..........a newcomer also out of the Atlanta area is Mz. Connie, who has a fresh track  entitled You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure.........Surprised we have not seen a new album in roughly 5 years from award winning male vocalist Vick Allen. He has had several singles since that point in time, one earlier this year that has done very well, I'll Take Your Word For It. Just this week, he released a new one entitled Do Thangs.......What do we know about Le' Le' Storm? Notes from YouTube say she has been singing professionally for 25 years and has toured abroad and locally with several professional groups, singing Gospel, Soul Blues & Jazz. She has a brand new track, Shut Your Mouth, that is already smokin' hot in Southern Soul......

Well folks, the tank is empty! We ran out of gas but there will be more CD Reviews (Bigg Robb, Jaye Hammer, Jim Bennett, Mr. Sipp etc) before the end of 2017. I refuse to give up because of health reasons!! Keep the faith!







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